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  1. Rebecca Swanson aka Becca Swanson (born November 20, 1973) is an American powerlifter, multiple world record holding professional powerlifter, pro wrestler, and an accomplished strongwoman. Becca Swanson holds several powerlifting world records for women, including the heaviest squat, heaviest deadlift and the heaviest bench press
  2. The overall women's deadlift record remains at 683 pounds (310 kg) which was set by American powerlifter Becca Swanson. As for Thompson, she mentioned that she has her sights set on the next.
  3. deadlift suit, belt: 423 kg (933 lb) Andy Bolton (GBR) 1 March 2003: WPO Powerlifting - deadlift suit, belt: 426 kg (939 lb) Benedikt Magnússon (ISL) November 2005: WPO Powerlifting: Helsinki, Finland: deadlift suit, belt: 427.5 kg (942 lb) Andy Bolton (GBR) 440 kg (970 lb) Benedikt Magnússon (ISL) 440.5 kg (971 lb
  4. Women's Raw World Records. Squat (no wraps) Class Lift Name Year Fed Country 97 264 Tiffany Leung 06/18/16 USPA USA 105 336 Wei-Ling Chen 06/11/15 IPF TPE 114 369 Deadlift. Class Lift Name Year Fed Country 97 374 Payal Ghosh 11/20/16 USPA USA 105 403 Heather Connor 10/16/119 USAPL US
  5. 'Strongest girl in the world' Rory van Ulft, seven, from Ottowa, can deadlift 80kg and boasts that working out allows her to 'get better at everything she tries' +12 The youngster started training..
  6. So it should come to no surprise that the Arnold's is the event chosen by two competitive Strongwomen to break the female deadlift record. The female Strongmen in question are Kristin Rhodes and Andrea Thompson. Kristin Rhodes is an 8X America's Strongest Woman, 3X World Champion and World's Strongest Woman 2012 winner
  7. I became a woman to break the women's deadlift record. Most famously, Rachel McKinnon, born male, won gold in female track cycling at the 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships

Mary Gregory, an American powerlifter and strength coach, took to Instagram on Sunday to announce she had gone 9 for 9 at the competition and broken four women's world records: Masters world. Female Deadlift Standards (kg) Show bodyweight ratios BW Beg. Nov. Int. Adv. Elite; 40 These female standards were last updated June and are based on 354,000 filtered lifts. Note: these barbell standards include the weight of the bar, normally 20 kg.

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  1. Eddie Hall Deadlift World Record 500kg (1102lbs) - Includes Full Aftermath!
  2. ute (female) is 3080 kg, and was achieved by Tolu Odukoya (USA) in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, on 17 June 2019. Tolu attempted this record as part of the 30 things she wanted to do before she turned 30! All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date
  3. Powerlifter Heather Connor is an absolute force in the -47 kilogram weight class. She was the first female International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) powerlifter to deadlift four times her..
  4. This record is for heaviest weight deadlifted in 24 hours for a female. This record is to be attempted by an individual female. This record is measured in kilograms to the nearest 0.001 kg, with the equivalent imperial measurement also given in pounds

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World Mens Deadlift Records. World Mens Curl Records. Women. World Womens Powerlifting Records. World Womens Bench Records. World Womens Deadlift Records. World Womens Curl Records. Rated #4 in all NC!! Tim Henriques' book All About Powerlifting is available NOW, get your copy here Women's Equipped All-Time World Records To view Michael Soong's entire book of All-Time Records and Rankings, please go here and subscribe. (Updated January 21 2021 A British rapper named Zuby garnered worldwide attention in March of 2019 after posting a video of himself declaring he had broken the British Women's deadlift record. In the tweet Zuby said that.. Winroth is his daughter. She had lifted nearly three times her weight, shattering, unofficially, the current deadlift world record for women in Winroth's age and weight class, set last year by..

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Female DEADLIFT Record DESTROYED!!! Uploaded 05/14/2019 in ftw. How courageous!!! Next Video The Mountain Just Set a New World Record by Deadlifting 1,104 Pounds 'The Mountain' From GOT Just Set A New Deadlift World Record Top 5. Today; 7 Days; 30 Days; 20 Celebrity Children You Seldom See 24,095 The 2018 Kern US Open brought some of the strongest powerlifters to show what they're made of on stage. Stefi Cohen not only broke a number of all time world.. On Sunday, a biological man who identifies as a woman took the Masters world records for women's squat, women's bench press, and women's deadlift. A female Olympian responded by condemning the pointless, unfair playing field where biological women are beaten by biological men who identify as transgender women Deadlift records continued to fall throughout the rest of the 70s. In 1979, Lamar Gant deadlifted 617 pounds while weighing only 123. 1982 saw the first 900 pound deadlift in the history of powerlifting. On December 12th of that year, 295 pound Dan Wohleber set an all-time world record of 904 pounds Gregory set records in Masters world squat, open world bench press, masters world deadlift, and masters world total, Yahoo Sports reported. A born-male #transgender weightlifter, who identifies as a woman, smashed four women's world records in a single day, igniting a backlash from female Olympic champions

Powerlifter Mary Gregory — a biological male competing as a transgender female — announced Saturday on Instagram setting four women's world records in one day at a Raw Powerlifting Federation event: Masters world squat, open world bench press, masters world deadlift, and masters world total. As a transgender lifter I was unsure what to expe It was at Jan Todd's first competition in 1975 that she broke her first record: a Guinness World Record that had been held for 49 years with her lift of 394 pounds in the two-hand deadlift. The following year, she was the first woman to exceed 400 pounds in any powerlift—with a deadlift of 412 pounds IPL World Records - Drug Tested - RAW Powerlifting << RECORDS INDEX. Raw Full Power . Raw Bench. Raw Deadlift. Classic Raw Full Power. Single Ply Full Power. SP Bench. SP Deadlift. Multi Ply Full Power. MP Bench. MP Deadlift. Event Calendar Competition Result An Edmonton woman dominated the competition at the 2019 World Powerlifting World Championships in Calgary, setting five world records and finishing first overall in her age and weight class. It's fair to say that Thor Bjornsson's 501 kg deadlift this summer season was the most well-known deadlift of all time. We 'd venture that it's more well-known than Eddie Hall's 500 kg deadlift, offered the reality that it's the present world record, it was broadcast live on ESPN- on tv, where genuine individuals enjoy

Andrzej Stanaszek holds the all-time world record for both the squat and bench press. China holds the most Olympic medals in female weightlifting. Even if you can't bench press or squat your way to a world record, it's always motivating to see people who can The OpenPowerlifting project aims to create a permanent, accurate, convenient, accessible, open archive of the world's powerlifting data. Rankings Records Meets Status FAQ Data Apps Shop Contact Support Us This is a trans woman a male body with male physiology setting a world record & winning a woman's event in America in powerlifting. A woman with female biology cannot compete.. it's a. More Exercises Barbell Bench Press 13,354,000 lifts Squat 7,651,000 lifts Deadlift 7,724,000 lifts Shoulder Press 1,915,000 lifts Barbell Curl 916,000 lifts Front Squat 645,000 lifts Bent Over Row 605,000 lifts Incline Bench Press 440,000 lifts Hex Bar Deadlift 321,000 lifts Sumo Deadlift 166,000 lifts Hip Thrust 188,000 lifts Romanian Deadlift 188,000 lifts Military Press 321,000 lifts Seated. Before 1946, the official world record was of a 650 lbs deadlift. However, in September 1946, this world record was broken and obviously, records are meant to be broken. More and more new powerlifters will keep coming, and keep setting records. In 1946, Bob Peoples, a legendary powerlifter broke the world record and set a new one by lifting 651.

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A RAPPER has weighed in to the transgender athlete row by beating a host of female weightlifting records while identifying as a woman. Hip-hop artist and Oxford graduate Zuby is on a mission. Eddie Hall deadlift new world record 463 kg _ The world deadlift championship 201 Hafthor Bjornsson set a world record in the deadlift on Saturday, hoisting 1,104.52 pounds (501 kilograms)

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Rapper Zuby identifies as female to smash weightlifting record. Rosamund Urwin. The rapper, whose stage name is Zuby, was filmed last week smashing the British women's deadlift record,. The Boone and Crockett score officially locked in Paslie for the largest non-typical whitetail harvested by a female hunter in the entire WORLD. She's also good for the youngest record holder in Kansas, and the 5th biggest buck of any kind in state history. And as it turns out, they've been seeing this fella for years around the property

These world records cover the Robi era, which began with the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships in Ashgabat. Throughout the history of our sport world records have been wiped from the books in conjunction with the creation of new weight classes (1973, 1992, 1998, 2018). Records for other eras are available from our weightlifting records. Becca does Deadlift 635 lbs x2 Deadlift 686 lbs x2 Straps down. Home Latest Popular Trending Categories. Art Animation Comedy Cool Commercials Cooking Entertainment How To Music & Dance News & Events People & Stories Pets & Animals Science & Tech Sports Travel & Outdoors Video Games Wheels & Wings Other 18+ Only Fashion

Like many female power lifters, Abbey Watson can be misunderstood. Holding eight different world records for her relatively slight weight class -- 105.75 pounds -- not to mention 23 U.S. and. Hall recruits fellow world-record holder and 2018 U64 World's Strongest woman Rhianon Lovelace for a pound-for-pound challenge. Lovelace weighs 60 kilos (just over 134 pounds) and can deadlift.. Stefanie Cohen is known around the world as one of the strongest female powerlifters in history. Originally from Venezuela, but later emigrating to the USA. Stefanie holds the APA deadlift world record for 402lbs deadlift at 123 lbs of bodyweight Men's world records are the pinnacle of what humans are capable of at any given point in time at a certain event or discipline, and I've always wondered about which of the women's world records is the best when compared to men's results. For example, women's 100m and 200m world records are 10.49 and 21.34 seconds, respectively Bavoil would eventually take bronze as Italian Garra triumphed with a new total world record of 503.0kg, becoming the first -63kg female lifter to break the 500kg barrier. Sam Calhoun of the United States took silver thanks to a deadlift of 217.5kg, but failed with an attempt at 228.5kg which would have smashed her own world record and taken her ahead of Garra overall

Personal records Official records. Olympic weightlifting. Done in official competition. Clean and press: 408.5 lb (185.29 kg) on 1955-10-16, in Munich at the 1955 World Championships; Snatch: 335 lb (151.95 kg) on 1956-06-02 in Philadelphia at the 1956 Senior National A transgender woman from Virginia who set world records in a powerlifting competition last month has been stripped of those titles, after sports officials determined she had not completed her. Bronco Deiranauw is the one with Squat records here and at 105kg, but was last sighted playing football. The 94kg ranks were thin in 2020 but some prospects are lurking for 2021, including dark horse Tony Nguyen, already on the edge of the Deadlift Standard nationally WUAP World Records - RAW Deadlift - Men and Women revised: 29.10.2019 Page 1 Mens Ope

This record is to be attempted by an individual female. This record is measured in kilograms to the nearest 0.001 kg, with the equivalent imperial measurement also given in pounds. A deadlift is when a weighted barbell is lifted from the floor, with the feet placed shoulder width apart and the hands positioned on the bar outside of the legs Powerlifter Natalie Hanson has broken a world record. Friday morning, the former Bethel resident squatted 603 pounds in the women's 185 pound weight class at the World Open Powerlifting Championship in the Czech Republic. The record is more than three times Hanson's body weight The heaviest sumo deadlift in one minute (female) is 3080 kg, and was achieved by Tolu Odukoya (USA) in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, on 17 June 2019. Tolu attempted this record as part of the 30 things she wanted to do before she turned 30

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Iedere krachtsporter die zichzelf een beetje respecteert, traint met de deadlift. De deadlift is een van de beste compound oefeningen die er bestaat - mits je hem goed uitvoert. Ik leg je in dit artikel in 12 tips uit hoe je een goede deadlift doet, en ik bespreek 6 veelgemaakte fouten die je moet vermijden What Is The World Record Deadlift For Women. This iѕ working and rest will help in relieving your sore muscle. There are many reasons to continually gain muscle groups and is a true weight used in aromatherapy business. Now I am no doctor but this repetitions than I ever would quickly

He was the first man to lift 500 kgs, setting the current record. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses So watch me DESTROY the British Women's deadlift record without trying. Don't worry. Zuby assured his viewers that everything was fine because, while he was deadlifting, he personally identified as a woman, making him eligible to challenge the women's record Alex Maher has been killing it lately. The 25-year-old powerlifting legend-in-the-making broke the all-time world record for the deadlift not once but twice in his most recent showing in a USPA event.Maher documented his triumph in full on Instagram — he attempted the deadlift four times, failed twice, and broke the world record both times that he succeeded IPF Equipped World Bench Press. Marco van Basten: profilo giocatore e scheda tecnica ufficiale. The powerlifter bench pressed 739. View Rulebook; USPA Approved Gear List; Records

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  1. Deadlift PR from October 2020. RPF world Record deadlift of 290 lbs, at the 123 lb weight clas
  2. The 2020 Arnold Sports Festival saw champions crowned and world records broken in the powerlifting and Strongman spheres. But just as impressive were the feats of strength performed by women over the weekend. On the Strongwoman stage, two powerhouses took the spotlight at Rogue Record Breakers as they broke the elephant bar deadlift world record, each lifting more than 600 pounds
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  4. 5 secs [130k, 115k, 100k, 85k, 70k, 55k, 40k or 25k if needed].
  5. Deadlift record is a weight lifting championship which Hafthor Bjornsson has won. So, if you want to get the meaning of deadlift then its mean is that weight training exercise. Loaded barbell or the bar is lifted off the ground to the level of the hips and torso perpendicular to the floor

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  1. On Sunday, a biological man who identifies as a woman took the Masters world records for women's squat, women's bench press, and women's deadlift. A female Olympian responded by condemning.
  2. g up to squat in your gym, just save yourself the embarrassment and leave. You will thank us later
  3. The official competition world record for a raw deadlift (a deadlift performed without the aid of a deadlift suit and straps, where only a weight belt is allowed) is 1015 lbs (461.4 kg) by Benedikt Magnusson (Iceland, 5'11, 381 lbs, age 27). This lift currently exceeds the equipped record of 457.5 kg (1,009 lb) by Andy Bolton. Further proof that you can't cheat a deadlift
  4. A transgender female has sparked controversy after smashing several women's powerlifting records. As The Gateway Pundit Pundit reported earlier Mary Gregory broke four women's world records at a '100% Raw Powerlifting Federation' meet. Gregory broke the women's world records for squat, bench, deadlift, and total. Four days after Gregory had set the four women's world
  5. On Nov. 15, 2020, in a deadlift-only occasion, Yury Belkin made a single effort- which was all he required. Belkin pulled an all-time world record 445 kgs (9811 pounds) raw deadlift at a bodyweight of 103 kgs. That indicates that he not only broke the all-time world record deadlift in the 110- kilogram weight class-
  6. Record Name Born Nation Event Date & Place; Snatch: 177 kg: LYU Xiaojun: 27.07.1984: CHN: 10.08.2016, Rio de Janeiro: Clean & Jerk: 214 kg: RAHIMOV Nijat: 13.08.199

News of the transgender lifter who broke female records began circulating, and just a couple of days later, Gregory was stripped of her titles and barred from competing as a woman. She put down. Icelandic actor and strongman Hafthor Bjornsson set a world record for the deadlift on Saturday when he lifted 1,104 lb (501 kg), over half a metric tonne, at Thor's Power Gym in Iceland 600lb Deadlift (272.5kg). Done. BIGGEST FEMALE! DEADLIFT IN BRITISH HISTORY! A New Lightweight & Middleweight World Record! Done at U64kg, 23 years old The Mountain breaks deadlift world record Game of Thrones actor Hafthor Bjornsson deadlifts 1,041 lbs to smash a world record and win the 2018 Arnold Strongman Classic competition

IronMind News by Randall J. Strossen: The 2014 edition of Odd Haugen's Visegrip Viking Challenge pulled in top competitors from the grip strength world and they wasted no time breaking world records in two benchmark events: Mike Burke broke the men's world record on the Apollon's Axle Double Overhand Deadlift and Amy Wattle broke the women's world record on the Captains of Crush Silver. Currin took the world record from Russia's Ekaterina Lisina. In 2017, Lisina had broken the Guinness record for being the tallest female professional model with a height of 6 ft 8.77 in, with her legs measuring an unparalleled 132 cm in length

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An interview with Marte Elverum - A Women&#39;s Norwegian500kg world record &#39;nearly killed me&#39;: weightlifter | The

The Mountain from 'GoT' Breaks Deadlift Record, Over 1,100 Pounds The Mountain from 'GoT' Breaks World Deadlift Record..Over 1,100 Pounds!!! 8.7K; 5/2/2020 1:24 PM P Game of Thrones star Hafthor Julius Bjornsson has broken the world deadlift record after successfully lifting an incredible 501kg (1,105 pounds)

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Because Gregory is actually a male, 100% Raw concluded that no female records will be broken by [his] lifts, and eventually, Gregory will be placed in a different category once the. Check out some of the coolest and quirkiest deadlifting world records and videos. Impress your friends by breaking or inventing your own deadlifting world records on Recordsetter.com Official website of World Para Powerlifting. Adenauerallee 212-214, 53113 Bonn, Germany. +49-228-2097-20 Pedro took a trip to Best Life Fitness Academy to meet Jen Ayala, a 33-year-old woman recently set the new world record for deadlifting. Ayala lifted a whopping 340 pounds, easily beating the.

Last Updated Nov 13th, 2019 at 12:24 pm. On Sunday, a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman named Mary Gregory broke the Masters world records for women's squat, women's bench press, and women's deadlift Kilograms: Deadlift - Adult Men: Body Weight Untrained Novice Intermediate Advanced Elite 52 42.5 82.5 92.5 135.0 175.0 56 47.5 87.5 100.0 145.0 187.5 60 50. WUAP World Records - Deadlift EQ - Men and Women Revised 29.10.2019 Men 52 kg* 56 kg 60 kg 67.5 kg 130,0 GER. WM18 75 kg 155,0. GER WM16. 82.5 kg 150,0 GER. EM19 175,0. GER WM18. 90 kg 255,0 GER. WM19 260,0. POL WM16. 100 kg 251,0 GER. EM17 255,0. POL WM17. 270,0 HUN. WM17 110 kg 220,0. GER WM17. 110,0 GER. WM16 125 kg 140 kg 140+ kg Women 44. GAME OF THRONES star Hafthor Julius Bjornsson has broken the world deadlift record after successfully lifting an incredible 501kg (1,105 pounds). The previous record was held by British star Eddie With his lift on Saturday, Bjornsson broke the previous world record of 1,102 lbs, set by fellow strongman Eddie Hall in 2016. You can watch Bjornsson's record-setting deadlift below. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories

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The Average Male Deadlift. Let's say you're the average American guy -- around 5 feet 9 inches and 196 pounds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Are you likely to be able to walk up to a barbell and hoist nearly 860 pounds, like the record-holding American in your weight class, Ed Coan? Not. Martin Tye, a veteran who was medically discharged after a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb adjacent to Tye's vehicle, set the seated deadlift world record on May 6, lifting 1,113 pounds, 5 ounces

Rheta West 1500 Total at 148lb - 615 Squat, 385 Bench, 500375lb Deadlift @ 124lb bodyweight, Female - YouTube

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Vaness also set a Canadian record for bench press - 54.88 kg/121 lbs. Vaness competes in the 11 & under age category. Watch below: Liam Vaness sets the world record in deadlift The real reason. The Guinness World Records Official site with ultimate record-breaking facts & achievements. Do you want to set a world record? Are you Officially Amazing Competition Rules, Results and Records . Rules, Qualification Standards and Scoring Coefficients. WRPF World Records; WRPF Australia Competition Results. 2015 WRPF Australian Deadlift Challenge; 2016 WRPF Australian Bench and Deadlift Championships; 2016 WRPF Australian Championships; 2016 WRPF Tasmanian Championships; 2017 WRPF Australian.

Andrea Thompson And Kristin Rhodes Sets A Record To BreakNatalia Kuznetsova: World’s scariest female bodybuilder is

Deadlift world record: Celebrities with bulging biceps who lift. With a nickname like The Mountain, it's pretty fitting that the man who plays Ser Gregor Clegane in the award-winning show Game of Thrones recently broke the deadlift world record. Hafthor Bjornsson lifted 1104 pounds (that's 501 kilograms)! This 31-year old man let out a roar of exhalation after bearing the weight of. Search, discover and share your favorite Deadlift GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. deadlift 66 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest # gym # progress # beast mode # deadlift # beastmode # gym # bodybuilding # heavy # deadlift # gymshark # world # record # eddie # hall # deadlift # new # world # record # eddie # world # beast # record # eddie # sport. When executing a sumo deadlift most beginners will start the pull by not pushing the feet and knees out to the side, causing your hips to come up much too fast. But now there is a drill to prevent this. It is called the seated deadlift. How do you execute a seated deadlift? First, pick a chair or box to sit on about the height where your hips are when starting the bar off the floor. Next. British weightlifter smashes deadlift record, to the glee of Arnold Schwarzenegger Eddie Hall sets new deadlift world record of 462kg while being cheered on by Hollywood actor and former governor. Game of Thrones star Hafthor Julius Bjornsson has set a new world record by deadlifting 501kg (1,105lbs) at his gym in Iceland. The Icelandic strongman, who played the Mountain in the smash-hit. Hafþór Thor Björnsson, who played The Mountain in Game of Thrones, set the deadlift world record on Saturday at 1,104.52 pounds

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